Does Levu have its own fleet of aircraft?
Yes, we started our operation with an A321 aircraft and then we will add two A330s to our fleet.
What are the main routes that Levu will serve?
We have daily flights between the cities of Campinas, Recife and Manaus.
What types of cargo can be transported?
We are authorized to transport all types of cargo, from those that require controlled temperatures, to radioactive products, for example.
What is the load carrying capacity in the A321?
The A321 aircraft can carry a maximum payload of up to 27,000 kg.
Why choose Levu services and the A321 for cargo shipments?
We develop tailor-made solutions for any express market demand using super-efficient aircraft, in order to:

● Save up to 30% of operating costs;
● Reduce fuel consumption;
● Offer the highest volume of containers in its class;
● Offer exceptional aircraft transit time (turnaround).
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